Beading Basics: 10 different types of bracelets





When walking around the store, I saw all the beads, charms, chains and cords (to mention a few) that we have and asked myself ” How can I use all this when making bracelets?” So, I figured that if I had that question, somebody out there also has the same question in his head. Claribell (our design teacher) came with the fabulous idea to make this tutorial and talk about 10 types of bracelets that we can make (because if we mention more, believe me, the video will be more than 20 minutes)

10 different types of bracelets

Scroll down so you can watch our Beading Basics for today and we hope this can clear your mind and push you to create some bracelets.

Post any pictures of your bracelets made with one of the mentioned in the video.

Waiting to hear from you!

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10 different types of bracelets 10 different types of bracelets

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