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¡¡Feliz Navidad!!  In Puerto Rico, we consider it the Holidays until January 6th, so we still have a few weeks left of Christmas cheer 🙂

Over a month ago I began sharing pictures of my old office and promised to share the new and improved space once it was ready.  Fast forward a few months and while I’ve come a long way, I still have the last 10-15% to go. Regardless, I’m extremely pleased with how it’s coming along and I just couldn’t wait any longer.  Today, I’m sharing the entire office makeover.  Made over from head to toe (or floor to ceiling and wall to wall).

Alright ladies and gents, if you haven’t seen my previous post with the before pictures you might want to head over there first or you could scroll to the bottom of this post where I’ve shared some fun before and after picz.

First thing’s first:

  1.  Wall color: I finally took the plunge and decided to paint the office white.  Before it was a cream/yellow color that was anything but flattering.  It took me a while to make the decision, but once I made it I never looked back.
  2. Mannequin: I gave it a makeover with a funky mermaid fabric from our store.  Before, it was simply wearing whichever jacket I happened to be wearing that day, which while convenient, was anything but pretty.
  3. Tidying up:  This was the biggest game changer, by far.  I got rid of SO much clutter and no, it wasn’t easy.  First, I made sure that anything that needed to stay in my office had a place where it could be stored and out of sight.   Second, I got rid of everything else.  Yes, everything.  I even started digitizing all of my important documents.  That way, I always have them on hand whenever I need them AND they’re not taking up space.
  4. Removable wallpaper.  The column in the back of the office with the funky design is actually removable wallpaper, not paint.  I got it from chasing paper and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  It’s remarkably easy to install and isn’t insanely expensive.
  5. Making over the file cabinet and the cork board.  I blogged about both of these little projects here and here.
  6. Chairs:  I got rid of the old wooden and green ones and got some new transparent chairs from Ikea instead.  I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them because they provide seating without feeling too heavy and they make the space feel bigger.
  7. Rug: My oh my that rug <3.  I’ve been eyeing this rug for ages, but I never had an excuse to buy it until now.  I love how big and cohesive it makes the office feel.  It’s easy to forget about rugs, but trust me, they make the BIGGEST difference.  Pro-tip: Size. Matters.  I’ve made this mistake before and it’s the worst.  Getting a rug that fits your space is SO much more important than how pretty it is.  If you’re on a budget and can’t spring for an expensive rug (because my goodness rugs can be expensiiiiive), simply try layering a few affordable rugs.
  8. Desk Chair: Womp, womp, womp.  I bought a new office chair that’s white and gold and simply a slice of heaven.  However, it still hasn’t arrived.  Thus, the clunky brown chair from eight years ago is still hanging around.  Of course I’ll snap a picture of the new chair and share it here as soon as I receive it.
  9. Artwork: While I absolutely loved the two prints I used to have in my office, they no longer worked with the new look I was going for.  I bought two new prints designed by Emily Rickard who has both an Etsy store and a store on Society6.  My. Oh. My. I’m in love with both of them and I feel like they were an “Anthropologie hack”.  Yes, I made that up.  Here’s the story:  I’m obsessed with Anthropologie Home, they have so many amazing things, but they’re not always affordable.  While browsing I found a beautiful painting by Emily Rickard that cost $300 and some dollars.  Instead of spending so much money on one painting I looked her up and found her Society6 and Etsy stores.  I bought 2 prints (not paintings) from her Society6 store.  Win-win-win-win.
  10. Vintage Pictures: As you may or may not know, Alonso Sobrino is a 90+ year old company.  I have this humongous album in my office that has pictures from the 1950’s that are to die for.  I simply went to Office Depot, blew up 5 pictures and bought funky frames from Marshall’s.  I love how the pictures have a history that has to do with our company and our predecessors.
  11. Adding storage solutions: I bought my first big piece of furniture for my office!! I mentioned earlier that when I was tidying up I made sure that I had a place for everything.  I couldn’t have done that without adding some new drawers.  But of course, it needed to also be pretty.  That’s where this beautiful console from West Elm comes in.  It adds a “homey” feel to the space and allowed me to hide away the unsightly clutter.

Here is the list of things I have yet to work on:

  1. Office chair: Already bought and paid for.  Simply waiting for a delivery date.
  2. I still have to put up one of the pictures.
  3. Styling: Nothing is styled yet.  I’ve cleaned out a bunch of things, but I still have to work on making it all feel cohesive.
  4. More plants: Yes. yes. yes.
  5. Weird corner with the humongous cabinet: I plan on getting rid of it and using that corner for a standing desk.  I keep reading about the health hazards of sitting down all day and I would like to have a place where I can work comfortably without having to be sitting down.  #goals.

Phewh!! That was a lot.  I sincerely hope you enjoyed the update and hopefully got a few ideas for your own office.  I’ve had a blast decorating, dreaming, painting, editing and writing.

What are you waiting for?? Scroll down for the good stuff!!


  1. Moroccan Rug from West Elm
  2. Plants from Home Depot
  3. Transparent chairs froM ikea
  4. Handles from Anthropologie (for the File Cabinet)
  5. Media Console from West Elm
  6. Emily Rickard artwork from Society6




That’s all folks!







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