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Upcycled Cork Board



Is there anything better than giving new life to something you’ve owned forever and have grown tired of?  My reaction is usually:  WHY didn’t I do this sooner?

This is an incredibly easy DIY that I would encourage you to try around your house with anything that looks dated and you’re willing to get rid of.  You’ll have nothing to lose and if, like me, you end up falling in love with it all over again, then you just upgraded your decor for next to nothing.  It’s a win- win or a “negocio redondo” in Spanish.


In my last post I shared ALL of the ‘before’ pictures of the office and I mentioned how embarrassing it is to share pictures of your personal space that you’re not proud of.  This week feels exactly the same, despite sharing a little bit of progress.  So please, bear with me.


Check out the flower patterned paper casually hanging out on the chair (pictured above).  I bought that paper last December (2015) on a trip to New York.  It had been collecting dust in my office for the past year and, to be honest, when I spray painted the cork board pink I wasn’t even thinking about this paper.  Once I painted it and put it up on the wall it finally clicked and everything came together.


Upcycled Cork Board Instructions:

  1. Protect the corked area of the board to avoid spray painting it pink.
  2. Move to a well ventilated area.
  3. Spray at least two coats of paint on the board’s frame.
  4. Let it dry

This cannot be any easier.



So? What do you think?  Was it worth keeping around or should I just have discarded it?

Stay tuned for more office upgrades!


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